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February 08 2018

February 07 2018


when your boy is reblogging foreskin memes but you know damn well he is a cut crusader and not a hooded hero 

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Well, that’s enough internet for me today.

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None of us are funny


so my dog has no food right now and is eating table scraps and some cat food so if anyone can send like $5-$10 that would be great I don’t get paid until march-april because I don’t have enough credits this term to qualify for my financial aid.

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im so glad i didnt die before i saw this

February 06 2018

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….. god. this is such a Power Move. this is the funniest fucking thing i’ve ever read about anyone. your fave could never be this aloof.

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*opens fanfic*

fanfic: i

*closes fanfic*

This is all too real.

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how has no one uploaded these beautiful gifts from Jon Risinger

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they lock tom brady in a room and only let him out to do football

Or he could just be an introvert.

I’ve only had a strawberry once, and am not interested in recreational stimulants.

im sorry i keep reblogging this over and over but i have been thinking about this comment all day



As it turns out, everything we as humans make up - whether it be lies, stories, or jokes - is a true event somewhere in some universe.  We unknowingly pick them up like radio waves, and mistakenly assume they’re creations of our own minds.  And we’re the only species in the universe that can do so.

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On your 17th birthday, instead of the usual boring presents from your parents, they say that your grandfather left you 10 million dollars and a small island on the opposite side of the world, asking you to “finish what he started”.

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five minutes into new vegas when the doctor asks you what you think of when he says “mother” and you can answer “human shield” is when i realized why people like it so much better than 4

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