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August 13 2017


When people ask me why they should pay a human translator instead of using google translate I show them this picture:

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hey if you’re a nazi or defend them get the fuck off of my blog and block me while you’re at it


its not even a hundred years from WW2 where nazi ideology & white supremacy quite literally got millions of ppl systematically murdered, and some ppl still act like nazism is “just an opinion” and that “everyone’s entitled to an opinion” as if it was something akin to a favorite color or food preference instead of a violent, manipulative, dangerous propaganda

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centrists be like


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my friends r so talented. rb if ur friends are talented

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my ch ild ren

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Who could’ve known??

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Honestly I had nightmares after finishing Jessica Jones. As far as depictions of abusers come, I think Kilgrave is closest to reality. All he ever does is displace blame and manipulate Jessica into feeling pity in order to control her.

The way he tries to control her without the actual ability to control her mind is subtle and underhanded, he makes jokes, trying to relate as if he is her friend, all while establishing power dynamics to have the upper hand, he makes her constantly vigilant, always afraid.

He tries to get Jessica to negotiate with him as if he would actually follow through on on his promises, he turns her life into a game of cat and mouse. He tries to make her believe that she is responsible for the horrible things he does, he tries to guilt her into staying with him, playing on her sense of responsibility to save the world in order to trap her, attempting to seem redeemable, to manipulate her into the idea that if she does not do as he says others will suffer and that she is responsible.

Kilgrave tries to play Jessica in every possible psychological mind trick without directly controlling her. These are the sorts of tactics abusers use in the real world. What makes Kilgrave a horrifying villain is that he is real, he exists in abusers everywhere, abusers who are charming and able to persuade others around them that they have done no harm while simultaneously harming their victims.

August 11 2017


wow!! i wanna be kissed by a cute girl!!! kiss her back and make her feel loved!!! cuddle until the sun comes up!!!

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Someone finally put quality content on the Less Wrong Facebook page.

@bridemarsh thoughts?


Me as a nerdy teenager with not a lot of friends: you know what is paramount to my happiness? Owning a lot of books.

Me as an adult trying to move to a second location: now hold on a sec.

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